Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Setbacks Schmetbacks

Alright...time to be honest with myself (and you as well).  As of late, I haven't been the most dedicated when it comes to clean eating and training hard.  Life gets in the way sometimes and we resort to pizza and cookies.  Let's face it...we pay consequences from eating this way:  we don't fit into our jeans, we get sick, and worst of all, we suck in the gym!  A good friend and fellow CrossFitter stepped up and intervened the other day; basically I got called out on my ill behavior.  I was told that my intensity sucks, my diet is ridiculous, and I need to get my butt in gear.  This spoke volumes to me because I really thought I was only fooling myself.  But to have a friend call me out means others are noticing and I really need to make some changes.  So...I've started back on my own challenge.  I'm Paleo-zoning again, I'm keeping a food log (to which my dear friend is holding me accountable), I'm working harder in the gym, and I'm incorporating some running into my routine because, well, I really suck at running.  Why am I posting this on my blog?  Because I am hoping that this will also open the window for me to start making some new recipes and posting them again!  I also feel that if those of you who read this are given visability to my plan, I am held that much more accountable.

Another friend and I went to Lululemon the other day.  On my bag is a beautiful quote:

"Life is full of setbacks. Success is determined by how you handle setbacks."

What do you do to "handle" your setbacks? 

Do you tackle it? Do you fight it until it no longer exists as a setback? Do you run from it?  Hide?

Here's to identifying setbacks, developing a plan to conquer them, EXECUTING your plan, and moving on!

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  1. Jen! I've had the exact same "setback" lately with my diet. I feel sluggish, low on energy, my workouts are suffering, and quite frankly I had serious muffin-top the other day in a new pair of jeans...that I JUST bought!! You've inspired me to start logging again and holding myself more accountable. I'm sure I'll also be looking to you for guidance - no pressure!!! I just need help in the kitchen and you're recipes are always awesome. So here's to being back on the wagon, feeling better and kicking some Crossfit ass!! Love ya!