Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kahlua Pig


I feel guilty writing this post...like I've stolen some ancient secret and I'm blogging about it to the entire world.  This really might be the most amazing discovery I've ever made.  At least as it relates to my taste buds.  The crazy thing about it is it's 3 ingredients and literally zero work.  It's as easy as grabbing a bag of chips; I'm not joking.

This also might be why the islanders are such a robust group of fellers.  They make this stuff and can't stop eating it.  It's like crack in a pig.  So...without further ado, I give you Kahlua Pig!
This is NOT how you will be making your pig.  But it looks cool.

Kahlua Pig


6 lb pork roast.  You can use shoulder or butt, up to you.
1 TBSP liquid smoke.  I used Wright's brand because it is just condensed Hickory smoke and water.  Some of the other brands had molasses and caramel color and other doo doo.

Course Sea Salt


Rub your roast with some salt.  Put said roast in a large crockpot.  Drizzle liquid smoke over roast.  Turn crockpot on low.  Come back some hours later (mine was done after about 9 hours, others have said 16-20, but I think they're loco).

Your pork should shred with a fork.  Shred it in the crockpot with all the juices and eat it up!

It will look more like this:

Photo courtesy of skinnytaste.com

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